Dienstag, 1. Dezember 2009


Pete Doherty - I Am The Rain CLyric.com
I am the rain
Held in disdain
Lotions and potions just add to my fame
The rime that in spain
Fall on the plain
The truth is I'm ruthless
I can't be contained.
I'm the rain
My friend the wind
To breath he is twinned
Blow high or low high
Tornadoes to spin
My mother the cloud
In widow's black shroud
Gives birth to the earth
Before fields can be plowed
Up in the sky, we've demand to supply
I am necessity, base of the recipe
I'm the rain
My cousin the snow
Lays blankets below
States that her falkes are
The threads to the soul
My rival the sun
Who ripens the plum
Is feared and revered
He gives sight to the gun ......
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